lauren s

..always something new..
2001-10-24 01:29:14 (UTC)

entry#13...i dunno

I Need a man .. i dont think ill be able to land myself
one anytime soon. Im trying tho but my eyes are on um
someone that is not quite single. Um its really weird but i
find myself flirting with Nate .. i dont really like him
but i kinda do in a weird way but im too scared of what
people are going to think if i do go out with him .. its
weird i dont know. Hes cute and nice and all but its
weird .. some people make fun of him where as almost all
the girls i know love him to death. Sorta like Chris M.,
Hes cute and nice and i like him but not that much. O well.
I think im being wayyyy toooo picky.
Um cheerleading for competition season is almost
guarenteed. Its going to be fun.Um theres not too much else
to say. Oh but its HOMECOMING .. its so much fun ... not as
much fun as last year but i cant wait till friday ...
Also my rents r going away this weekend and i have my
neighbor watching after me wich sucks cuz i cant do much of
anything then ... ummm i need someone to stay here with me
my parents want a friend to stay here ... i dont want
anyone to be here so i can do whatever i want.. i dont knwo
what ima do about that but i cant get caught at all !!!!!!
because last time i got caught and they r trusting me
again .. i dont wanna be in trouble. Ill figure something
out ....

well ill be going now