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2001-10-24 01:15:52 (UTC)

sick ........

well obviously inless your really dumb.. i been sick today.
i really dont know what to write .. had a weird day.. got
phone raped( i think i am not sure) did i want to do it..
no.. did i stop it no.. so where does that leave me..
somewhere other then here i guess.
talked with Sonic.. shes still worried about Lil crazy as
am i..
lol i was in the chat room(mirc) and i was pissing achick
named cuz off.. i was like i am gonna tell a bed time
story.. once apond a time..
anyhow.. cuz was like dodger stop it.. shut up..
and totally resisting my attemptws to make ppl smile..
smiles arent bad.. SMILE.. make the world a better place..
god.. life goes on.
live with life.. life with living .. kind of a stupid
statement but you have no idea how many ppl isee.. who are
alive but not living.. those shallow ppl we meet .. the
ones whom to us.. are void.. like lacking in some way.. the
ones whos eyes scream i am dead inside.. like my soul is
black.. those ppl scare me! well .. i am not tired.. but i
have to go to bed.. hubby says so.. so off i go.. into the
dream world.. whee sometimes.. no matter what happens.. its
better then being awake..

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