my lil secrets
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2001-03-13 03:43:34 (UTC)

dear diary, well i hav good..

dear diary, well i hav good news an bad
gettena new car =)which is great bcuz i can get to see B
alot more an go anywhere i wanna an stuff yay! the bad news
is that B's ma isnt kewl at the moment. she does not know
we r together but she knows we r friends ..... see im 2 an
1/2 years older then him an she doesnt like thati dont see
it as a big deal nor does anyone else we know my mom luvs
him but his mom doesnt like him jus hanging out with me
bcuz she thinks i changed him an bcuz im older she is tryin
to make us not b "friends" she keeps saying my
neighboorhood is bad an all this so she wont bring him
herean she is jus not listening to anything he says its
kinda cramping us bein able to spend time with eachother
but where theres a will theres a way ya no an with me
getten a car its ganna b alrite but i jus dont feel
comfortable hidding it. an i want his mom to like me. i
dunno i ges time will tell what happens there. im kinda
tired but i dont want to go to sleep i am waiting for R to
get online so i can talk to him- gatta get this over with
alredy i dunno i ges ima goin now