sexypeople only ,,,, my life
2001-10-24 01:07:10 (UTC)

today is Tuesday 10/23/01

hey whats up people i havent got any feed back from any of
u yet soo iam getting kinda weired.... i dunno y??? well
iam still with Eric ans on friday it will be are 1 week
anaversry iam soo exited iam going to tell him tonight
when calls me... i hope he feels the same way i do, it has
been a quit happy week really it has well not really my
friend nicole was mad at me for 2 days and i had no idea y
soo i went into ms.miosi's offic to have a lil chat with
with nicole and linday and liz and tiawina and some other
chic..... and we got are problems solved and well back to
eric iam glad that he is my boyfriend cause he lets me wear
he sweat shirt his viser and his necilece i like him soo
much he soo soo sweet and like i saids when he calls me
tonight iam going to tell him friday is are 1 week anaversy
ooop's there he is i gotta go buh bye