Jessica Rooke
2001-10-24 00:15:09 (UTC)

October 15th, 2000, Entry 14

Well let's see, where to srart..
Brennan had a little get together at his house and he got
himself stonned and drunk.. he was sooo horny!!
He doesnt even member what he did with me but I will give
you a hint (o)(o)..

Anyways Elliot tried weed and he FREAKED out... crying
and everything.. pulling on my shirt and shit. it was
weird.. Brennan ended up puking.

Brett just sat there and looked at stuff..
After I left they all went to sleep.

I am seriously thinking out having sex with Brennan..
If he had of been there with me last night I would have.

Tasha and Lee are going to start school with me on
MOnday. I hope tasha is on one of my classes.. Tasha is
funny!! I think my friends will like her and lee is real
laid back :) no nice to talk to..

two more days until 1 month