Jessica Rooke
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2001-10-24 00:02:07 (UTC)

September 12th, 2000, Entry 10

Nick and I started going out about a week ago and then
out of no where's he dumped me for some other girl names
Jess Tatersaul. I didn't cry :) But like I said.. he
didn't call all summer and then as school started he
started to call. Then on the second day of school he asked
me out :P I didn't get a kiss of a hug.. nothin..
Then he got his brothers friend to call me and tell me
the "bad news" lol.. it was stupid in the first place.

I like someone else :) I only just met him.. well.. i
didn't even exactly meet him :)
but we talk on the net all the time non stop flirting :)!
lol he has a girlfriend too :) Not for long if it's up to

I am staying at Alisons this weekend.. Nick is too..
this should be interesting! :)