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2001-03-13 02:07:48 (UTC)

i forget what i wrote last time..

i forget what i wrote last time
have told u am moving - cant wait
am dropping europe in revolution cos although it looks
interesting getting to campbelltown is a bugger and work
cant guarentee me the days i need off for it - so less work
for me to do - yippeeeee!
had really better be doing my linguistics homework
5mins late for work today cos i left my casino licence in
the car
have to pay scooter rego soon
i really dont know how ppl on low incomes survive
i earn $550 a week and am barely making ends meet - now how
does that work?
going round cleveland tonite to pay bond - forget how big
the room is - hope its as big as i remember it...
worried about shooey cos i havent heard from her in ages
mmm ari katz
dream on - check him out at