2001-10-24 00:00:23 (UTC)

Choo Choo

~*Homecoming was fun.That race was also ffun in mann.I
did the best time ive ever done(called PRed).Then that tues
i PRed again. Then on thursday which was the city meet i
did it again.It is soo great.I jus keep gettin better, i
jus hope i dont do the downhill by this thursday which is
districts.I have to get my hair cornrolled for it too bc
all the girls do it to their hair.I went from a 26 to a
22.Isnt that just great!Im so happy and glad that i stayed
on the team.Since im number 7 the other girls couldve
caught me for districts.but they didnt!hehe.I have this big
crush that just came over me.Its for this guy on my team
named mario.Hes so perfect.I wish there was more guys like
him but theres not.Hes hot, is all for his morals, good
grades, just so perfect and virgin like.Plus hes funny.But
he wont ever like me.I know that much.Why do i keep gettin
the dorky guys but never get the guys i want.I think if i
did go out with him that i would be in "love".Now i know
what those goo goo eyed girls are talking about.ITs so
great but i cant stop thinking about him.I feel bad for him
bc theres a bunch of girls that like him and he doesnt like
them so im not going to say nething to him.I just hope he
says something if he does like me.Me and the cross country
team are becoming better notice how i speak as
if they were one.Well were hanging out and stuff like that
but next yr i wont have "them"bc theyre seniors.Well i g2g.