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2001-10-23 23:59:59 (UTC)

The Dating Game...

Ok so the title doesn't make a whole lot of sense but this
will make so much sense they'll have to switch to dollar
bills. Ok I know that wasn't funny but whatever.
So last night Aaron and I were at his house. His whole
family was there so don't go getting any ideas.
I was talking to his mom a little bit she was making
graduation announcements. Well hopefully this June they'll
come in handy. Aaron will graduate (I hope) but if not
He'll graduate with me next year. Ha ha. I wish but I know
he needs to go off to college (sorry culinary arts school)
to be a chef.
Anyways Aaron and I went downstairs and kicked Jarrod (his
brother) off of the Playstation. So Aaron was trying to be
impressive playing NFL Blitz. C'mon it's football. But he
was pretty good as far I a could see. Jarrod would kick the
shit out of him at it though.
So his ma and Jarrod came back downstairs and Aaron and I
started to play Frogger. It was funny damn I hate that
game. Aaron kicked the shit out of my purpl frog. Yes IT IS
A TWO PLAYER GAME!!! Sorry I had an argument about that
earlier today. So Aaron finally got bored wih that and
Jarrod hopped on and kicked the shit out of Aaron and I
combined. Then we were all just talking and then of course
the lovely guys started talking nasty. Their mom way
getting mad. So then we were wrapping things up and I was
kinda getting ready to go home. Well not really we were all
downstairs still and Aaron says do you want to sleep with
me? Jarrod just about had a stroke and his mom was laughing
so hard and poor me I couldn't have been any more red in
the face. Aaron started laughing too because we all took it
the wrong way even though we all knew damn well what he
ment. Then he said some more stuff about if that's what he
wanted he would have asked for it flat out.
So his mom told him to bring me home. She let him use her
car on one condition that he kiss me the for the first
time. Well he didn't but I did get a hug.
He thinks I'm afraid of him. I'm not I just would rather
not be the one to kiss first. This Sunday is our 1 month
Anniversary. This has been one fast month. That's another
thing do you really get the other person something for your
your 1 month anniversay and if so what?

Buh Bye now- Andrea

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