Jessica Rooke
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2001-10-23 23:57:08 (UTC)

Augest 22nd and 30th, 2000, Entry 8-9

Well Nole came over.. I don't think I need to say
anything.. you get the message.

Augest 30th, 2000, Entry 9

Sorry that was short. I am going out with Matt Knoll
from Florida.. you know one of those sad relationships over
the internet with someone you have never met before. he's
17. (its more of a game.. I am going to "dump" him tonight)

I still like Nick but a lot of people are flirting
with me.. Maybe I shouldn't read too much into that cause
people flirt all the time right? right..

Alison and Jay broke up no surprise there. I didn't
think it was going to last.. (sorry if you ever read this

Well school is going to start soon. Aaron Wagner wants
me to go to Niagra falls this weekend but I know I am not
going to make it.

I think it's over between Jeremy and I :(