Tucker's Personal Log
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2001-10-23 23:53:42 (UTC)

Log Opener: Stardate 10110.23

This log is the work of one Matthew Jared Tucker, Member of
the Class of 2005 (currently a freshman) at Westfield State
College in Westfield, MA. The journal's intent is as

A) To provide an outlet to vent my daily issues, feelings
and events

B) To catalog my exploits for all propertity

C) To permit the outside world a look into the mind and
life of a madman like myself...should they dare.

Please Note that each entry will be rated for content...I
am fully open and honest in this medium, and I will not
withhold information that is not to the liking of the open
public. Therefore, you are advised (especailly if you know
me personally) to read with caution.

Also...if anyone is trying to discover everything about me,
and for some strange reason, should become
obcessed...Please seek professional help. One major way to
lose friends is to become a stalker.

And so...with my rant complete, and without further ado...

The Following Entry is rated E(WN) for "Everybody! (Why

Today was a fair day. I always prefer Tuesdays, because I
get to have Astronomy (which is one of my smoothest
classes) and Statistics (which I illogically love...we're
doing Z Scores! Yay!), but I had to go to the First Year
Experience seminar about the school's novel, Galileo's
Daughter. Very large waste of time...mainly because it had
no focus. That, and the people there reminded me of
Monument (my high school) students...apathetic and
irritating. Gods! Can I escape the people who don't
care?! Can't they just do some lemmings thing and jump off
a bridge?! (I'm not being actually hateful or
anything...just ranting on. It's what I do best) Then I
went to dinner and learned the meaning
of "Fishbowling"'s illegal, I'm an Eagle Scout, so
therefore I don't care.

Well, tomorrow's Wednesday...middle of the week. This
weekend seems to be consisting of "babysitting" Andrew (my
friend Megan's boyfriend...He's 29, which explains the
quotations), and perhaps a visit from Maryanne, my
biological mother...ask me to tell the story sometime. I'm
not in a flash back mood right now. However, I may find
out tomorrow whether I get a part in the Whip City Radio
Theater thing...SWEET! You'll hear more abou that if I
find the cast list.

Class load for tomorrow: Mass Communications (good class,
but the teach has Mighty Morphing Power Hair, like my (th
Grade English teacher did), English (with whom I think I'm
okay now...I was falling behind in there...I'm lucky the
teacher is so cool) and Logic (we won't even begin to go
there...I'm in a little even bit more trouble there...).
My only consolation is Enterprise...the Star Trek with the
cool, minty introduction that doesn't irritate your
stomach...unless you're "Tripp" Tucker, and then you might
suffer from a cast of sudden pregnancy...but that's neither
here nor there.

I think I'd better cut off for tonight. I have a section
meeting and an RP session to run, but those can wait until
later...if they find enough importance to discuss in detail.

Entry Complete. Log out.

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