Blood and Chocolate
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2001-10-23 23:22:45 (UTC)

So much shit to do !!!!

hey everyone
Sup ? Not much here ! OMG ! I have a boat load of
homework !! AHHHHH! I have my spanish portfolio due
tomorrow, my economics paper due tomorrow, 3 lessons in
math, I have to work on my english paper!!! Ahhhh ! It has
taken ,me like 6 hours total just to type up my notes in
spanish !! YIKES! I hate this ! Plus I had to get some
articles for Jordan cause his printer isn't working ! I
have had to make dinner for my family, pack for my trip,
practice my song for my preformance tomorrow and help my
sister with her book report and do my homework ! and I
still have to finish my spanish and type up my paper for
english and fill out my form for my class ring !!!!!!
AHHHH! I can't handle all this pressure !!!! Well nothing
exciting happend today, thats a switch !I have quotes but I
really don't have time to write them ! I gotta bounce
everyone !
Later !

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