Jessica Rooke
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2001-10-23 23:19:54 (UTC)

July 31st 2000, 1st Entry

Well my roome is all done. Looks better. I like this
guy names Jeremy Allen. He really isn't the right guy for
me, but I still like him a lot. He is 15 and (lol) known
as "403" I dunno.. some "gang" thing. He's mad at me right
now because I asked Geoff (his stepy brother thing) what
the deal was with Jeremy and I because he is always talking
about this Brittney person and he wasn't making it too
clear as to who he liked more. If he doesn't talk to me
before the dance this weekend I am not going to go, if he
feels like being a little bitch then oh well goodbye!

I am totally over Johnnie Murphy, it only took me
until the end of the year. He is going out with some girl
from Camp.

When I was in Barrie there was a list of guys who
liked me. (lol) it was funny.

Eric Marcellous: strange child who actually did the
little "yawn and over the shoulder" move on me.
Jeremy Allen: crazy person who likes to beat people up,
treat girls like crap, and leave you confused as to why you
like him.
Chris: (Newfy who was visiting a friend over the summer)
Geaky little smily guy who looked like his face was stuck
in the position of "I am going to RAPE YOU! wa hahah!"
Terry Clark: Over weight, nice, funny, but.. NO..
Peter: wanted to have sex with trees.. (self explanitory)
Cameron Meyrick: ended up with this guy, hourny, funny,
Just my type.. cute but.. very sensative. We broke up
cause of eric up there. (they were all friends)

Boy do I know how to attract them! Well.. that's enough for
tonight.. :)