Innocent Girl, Interrupted
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2001-10-23 23:17:51 (UTC)

Tuesday - 10.23.01

I found out today that we have a Drama Tournament coming up
in 2 weeks, so tomorrow I have practice until 4, and
Thursday until 5. Crazy stuff, man. It's going to be at
Western Kentucky University, which is like, 3 hours from
here, so that sucks. I really dont feel like going into
another state... traveling that long w/ some of those
people on our team, but oh well. Tomorrow is also PJ Day at
school, so of course I'll participate. =) I also have a
Church Cell Group that night at like, 6 or something.
Friday morning at 8:15 AM, I have an EEG at Vanderbilt
Hospital, so that sucks! That night though, I'm in the TAC
truck for homecoming, and then I'm going to the game. My
evangelism team for church is going to pass out free cokes.

After school today, Jared and me went to the park until 4,
and then he had to go to work. Matt invited us to his house
on Saturday night, but I duno if I wanna go or not.
Saturday night my church is also having an outdoor fall
party w/ a bon fire and games and stuff. I do wanna go to
that, but I guess we can stop by Matt's afterwards. Matt is
really kool. He looks like Chris Farley, for real! He's a
funny guy. He and my friend Ashley are sorta talking so the
4 of us might get together and hang.

I'm nervous about the Western competition b/c I havent
competed since last Spring... and I dont know if I have my
piece down well enough. I think I know it well, but I dont
know exactly how comfortable I am in my character since I
havent practiced as much. I almost have it all memorized,
which is kool and all... but I havent practiced to the
fullest, so I need to do that badly. Jared decided he's not
doing improv this year w/ Allie b/c they just dont get
along enough. I guess that's fine, but I'd like for him to
come on our trip's w/ us. It'd be fun w/ him there. With
Forest around, I'll get easily aggitated... and then Will
is his parter this year, so that's gonna really aggrivate
me. He's kool and all, but I swear he has ADD or something.
He gets on my nervous in my 4th block. He sits behind me
always making noise... and to make things worse, he lives
down the street from me. =P Drama this year is going to be

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