The UnEven Eye
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2001-10-23 23:04:45 (UTC)

No Monica.... -.-

Its killing me. Not even twenty four hours. Oh well. I
have better things to do. I'm not going to mourn her. I
promised myself last night, I won't be weak in my this.

Well other than my loss, I'm great..some idiot hacked
into my S/n, gah.. bastards.. i know who too. so.
its all great.. ^.^

I think I'm going to go call my friend or something.. I
feel tons better about myself for reason. I was
dancing in the living room, and I sat on the snake..
It was funny.. The snake bites though.. Hell I would
too, if some one sat on me.

Oh Oh... and I wore normal clothes. not my usual
dark colored crap. It was awesome.. my sister looked
at me.. funny.. and walked out the door to school.

I can fit in if I want too. Uhuh. -.- BUT I need to
see Gumby