casey vespa

street knife fight
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2001-10-23 22:34:15 (UTC)

*my socks are very stripey*

Yep. Rainbow knee high striped socks. Howww nice. SO, today
was a blehhhh tuesday...and i wore all black and got very
surprisingly hot. And i ditched the end of cross country
because i was very very tired...sigh. This guy just doesnt
get that i dont want to be with him. He keeps asking me
what im doing on the weekend and stuff and inviting me to
go to the op ivy show, but he never even talks to me at
school or anything. Its all online!!! HOW lame. And this
other guy who likes me and i actually like him, NEVER sees
me. He is always skateboarding or with his friends or
something. And it sucks because he doesnt go to my school
and we both dont have a license...siiiigh. Sadness. But i
do know i feel really really good just being in his arms...
I am supposed to see him today..maybe. I
hope...seriously, otherwise i just dunno what im gonna do
with myself...oi.
I gotta do better in school now...seriously. my mom has
been giving me those: "this is the year colleges really
look at" talk...its really really i dont even
know how to go about doing better. Weird. But next term i
am gonna get harder more of this art and study
hall crap...its screwing me and i dont even know it...

more lata...gimme some advice if ya hear me out