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2001-10-23 21:57:38 (UTC)

a letter to you...

okay...i know that you're reading this because that's what
you do. i wanted to mail this letter to you but i want you
to know as soon as possible...this is for you and i don't
care if the world reads it. they'll just read about the
love that i have for a guy in my life and they might even
say that it's beautiful...who knows?

Dear "One on my mind",

Hey! I can't stop thinking about you. I have thought of
nothing but you all day, and i have butterflies in my
stomach, and my heart is racing. Everytime that i think of
you i just want to laugh and cry all at the same time. i
want to laugh because you make me happy and i want to cry
because i never felt this way about anyone before in my
life and it's a beautiful feeling. You bring out the best
in me and just to be near you, to be in your arms, is the
greatest feeling in the world to me. You make me happy like
no other. You understand me and if you don't, you make the
best effort to try and understand me. No one has ever
treated me the way you treat me or made me feel the way you
make me feel. I know that you're special. You're a great
guy and i don't think that i can ever feel this way about
anyone else. I love you. Bye!

Love, Me