a little piece of me
2001-10-23 21:50:02 (UTC)

the living dead

today in parasitology, we watched some cheesy movie about
parasites. there was one segment, where they were
discussing parasitoids (a parasite that not only lives in
the host, but kills it by consuming it from the inside
out). well, there is a type of parasitoid that infects
snails. the parasitoid will crawl up into the snails
antennae and start flashing (not a good description, you'd
have to see it know what the hell i was talking about).
anyway, it looks like there are 2 giant maggots on the
snails head. the parasitoid then makes the snail crawl up
in plain sight so that birds can see it, will think it's a
couple of maggots, and fly down and eat the snail (this is
necessary for the parasitoid's next stages of life).
anyway, the narrarator called the snails the living dead.
it just made me think about people. we are the living
dead. society is our parasitoid. it makes people do
rediculous things. think about it...

anyway, sorry about that. so yesterday went pretty well.
my new bird is wonderful. he's so damn friendly. i still
don't know yet for sure what i'm going to call him. i'm
thinking malvak sounds good, or maybe mujah. don't ask
where i come up with this stuff. my other birds watch him
all the time. it's so funny.

let's see. what else? well, recently i've met someone
(thanks to this diary), and well, they've helped me out so
much. all i really needed was for someone to understand
and someone to talk to. i haven't felt quite so hopeless,
and i've been in a much better mood these past few days.
michael tries to understand, but there are some things that
you have to experience before you can understand. as much
as i hate that someone else had to go through a lot of the
same bullshit that i did, i'm also thankful that there is
at least one person out there who just 'gets it'. it's
comforting to know that i am not totally alone. so, thanks
for all that you've done for me in the short time that i've
known you :)

with that, i think i better get going. much studying to
do, and not near enough time to do it in.