A Rubic's cube and a Ball of Yarn
2001-10-23 21:46:57 (UTC)

New found interests

Ska Bands.
-The Hippos

Cheap clothes.
-The Thrift store has better, cooler clothes. Thats
right, Goodwill is more expensive.
-I'm starting to like the whole Punk/notgivingashit look.

I got 3 cool shirts:
1)A striped collar shirt = $1.35
2)St. Andrew's SECURITY shirt = 79 cents
3)St. Matthew's science olympiad shirt = 79 cents

Cant get any better than that. Life is good.

I stayed after school today to teach Laura Trumpet. Then
went to Wendy's with her and Jamie(very cool kid) and then
me and Laura went "shopping".

Today was an okay day, well, maybe cause yesterday just
sucked! And it was my birthday yesterday too! Finally, 16!!!

I'm off to college night at UD then homework.

Later folks,