Hannah Rose Cherry

Hannah's Screwed life(go figure)
2001-10-23 21:32:58 (UTC)

i give up

i think i'm getting desprate! i cant help it but i really
wanna boy friend. and i think i'm getting desprate. it's
terrible i kno. there r guys, yea but i think i'm more
there best friends. they consider me there hott best
friend. weird i kno. i think i can really relate to guys
and thats y i'm friends wit them, but i wanna go uot wit
them too. my friend jason started flirting with me today.
but his g/f is my friend, he's got a g/f and he's flirting
with me. he's not cute, but he's really nice. but i cant
jus go out wit him cuz he's gotta g/f. i think he's gonna
dump her for me cuz she doesent do "much" and i would, but
i dont really wanna guy in my grade, i wanna eith grader,
or a ninth grader. i kno a bunch of them, i'm in the
seventh grade. and there are a lot of really hott guys in
eith and ninth grade. but i dont think they wanna goout
with a sevvie. i dont act my age though, i act a lot
older.i look a lot older too. i'm always mistaken for a 16
yr old. i really need a b/f, i'm tired of getting my friend
g/f's and b/f, it's getting anoyyin.y should i be the odd
one out, out of all the people i have to be the one. i
mean, it's not like i'm an unpopular girl, i have a lot of
friends. and out of sachool i get a lot of atention from
guys, but i think i should get a b/f in school. cuz i kno
for a fact that out of school relationships out of school
never work out, i wish they did though cuz they guys i meet
out of school r a lot better i think. dont get me wrong i
love the guys at me school, but there all praetty boys,
i'mmore attracted to goths. anyway, gtg

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