[email protected]
2001-10-23 20:49:17 (UTC)


I have been gone for a while and haven't had the chance to
write. It feels good to spill out my emotions every so
often. I am involved with my navy man, and I am loving
every minute of it. He calls me when we don't see eachother
for a day, he tells me he misses me. He acually means it.
He has been helping me with Chloe's potty training as I am
helping him with the communication with his son. 10 years
old..and he has a girlfriend. wowsers. I have been
depressed with the thought of working too hard for minimum
wage for the rest of my life. I have been looking into how
much it costs to start a small business. I am thinking its
the way to go. Be my own boss, my own hours and my own
ideas. I want to start with a small business, and grow from
there. Our economy needs an enema..and a prozac. Christmas
is comming and I read the news that my city is the lowest
in unemployment in the state. I don't like being broke, but
most of all I want people to feel good about themselves.
Have a good time admist the crisis of the nation and war.
We tend to forget these things in everyday funcioning, and
to sit down and have a cup of coffee with a loved one or a
good friend is quite appeasing. Or a drink. I am not sure
yet if I want to do a regular bar..or a cofee stand..or a
bed and breakfast. I have found land in nearby city or two
that is screaming with untapped potential. I am so excited
and now that I am schooling for small business I know it
can be a reality. I can be something respectable. Kinda
twisted to want to be normal!!!! LOL

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