ergot and the ju ju queen

antipodean delights...
2001-10-23 20:46:00 (UTC)

Midnight Madness

Midnight Madness indeed.. I am totally crazy, flipped out,
risk taking, naughty and LOVING it.. lol

He'd been gone so long.. was it years, or merely weeks? Or
could it truly be only a couple of days?

Missing chatting with him, reading his words,
his "wayl??'s" and his "wayw".. his "ct!" and his
hehe's.. :)

Missing like crazy the chance to giggle with him.. and

The BBM (not in any way an acronym for anything sexual..
lol) declares it's his turn on the pc.. so I log out of my
sms chat with Agent B.. and I excitedly slip into bed.
("I'm just ringing my sister.. we've got heaps to catch up
on.." )

I was so excited and nervous, I actually got breathless..
lol Not sure if he could tell, when he answered..

Giggling, chatting, catching up.. it was great. I loved
every second of our phone call together. :) Especially the
part where I was just about to say.. (It was on the tip of
my tongue.. just about to..) then he said, at that exact
moment, "I've missed you." :) That was yet another of our
crazy wonderful freaky coincidences..

He's laying in front of wall length mirrors.. lol Aroused
and hard.. wow! That does it to me everytime.. I love his
voice, I love the thought of him, the intimacy we share. It
truly is amazing.. and yes, absolutely, he still turns me
on. (This morning, driving the car back home.. my thoughts
flicked to our time together on the phone last night.. and
not once but twice, my whole stomach did a somersault. It
was sooo cool. Powerful. :) Ahhh the memories.. mmm :)

The BBM is not 5m from where I lay, under the covers.. I
am chatting and laughing, quite normally.. and in
hindsight, I realise I forgot to stay 'normal'.. couldn't
help it as my voice became a whisper, as I began to touch
myself, together with him. My world kind of zoomed in, till
it was just me in bed, together with him in bed.. turning
each other on, and enjoying each other.

Hearing his breathing come faster, rougher, more urgent..
and my body seemed to synchronise with his.. and my heart
beat faster, I wanted so much to hear him.. and for me to
come as well... together.

The countdown began.. it was amazing.. it felt urgent.. It
felt incredible.. :) 5.. 4.. (breathing getting heavier)
3.. "mmmmmmmm yeah.." 2... "now.. I want to so much right
now..let's do it.." 1.. WOW.. :))))

*giggles.. giggles.. giggles..*

Then we lay chatting (which I loved.. our intimacy..) and
it was then cut shorter than I was ready for.. by the BBM
turning the pc off, and I had to go. Rather abruptly..
considering how long my goodbye's usually take.. ;)

The BBM came straight to bed.. I escaped to the loo.. with
my moby.. to ring and say, "Goodnight... and ... I love
you." (He made me weak.. first by saying he was (still/ or
suddenly?) hard again.. but most of all.. when he said, "I
love you too." ) I treasure our relationship so much. :)
It's soooo bloody unique.. lol I love it.

Then.. I assume he got ready for his day.. and is right
now, as I write this.. saying, "Oh pass the salt darling..
oh this is delicious.. food can be so orgasmic.. and those
boots! yeehah.." heheh ;)

And when I got off the phone to him.. I performed
something I tried to get out of... lol and it's only the
second time I've done..

and "wow".. lol

I asked lots of questions afterwards.. (I want to make sure
I can do it.. ;) and apparently "you passed the
test!!" :)

Oh, and the BBM said to me, "what were you talking about on the
phone? naughty stuff, flirting.." and I said, "flirting, with my
sister?? sure.. lol" and he said, "i could hear what you were
saying, through the speakers on the pc.."

*gulp* lol But he didn't say anything else.. so I assume he was
just pulling my leg.. *fingers crossed* ;)

The JuJu Queen.. missing Ergot.. but with a smile.. :) He
kind of is a part of me.. and goes everywhere with me.

Oh.. and I pick those pics up today.. wohoo :)

jjq xxxx