g ir l nex t d o or

Fire Lillies H2O
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2001-10-23 20:12:50 (UTC)


Well, Serendipidty...okay, I can't spell but you get the
point. Well, now what. HTat ridiculous swirling motion of
my body...of, my eyes. Of every dream, and wish coming to
one person, and they disappear for 3 years, and then
suddenly they are back in your life while disappearing
again. I can't understand then all at the same time I do.

I want that sizzle and magic of touch to mean something
agina, and not the nakedness and sex. The sizzle of just
the fact of being there. That's what I want. I want to
prove it exists, but I can't...not at all. Not now.

I will simply keep going and it will all come together by
March or July...I really think July, but I wish for
March...well, here I go...

If one wishes to imporove they must be thought to be
foolish and stupid...

Well, I am the stupidest...