*~My Thoughts~*
2001-03-13 00:40:19 (UTC)

Dear Diary, Windell is back! I..

Dear Diary,
Windell is back! I can't believe it! Today i saw his
really koo jacket, and I wuz like whoa That's Windell! I
need a bf soooooooooooo etc. bad. David is acting all
weird around me, and this boy I used to like keeps looking
at me and smiling. It's creepin' me out! A lot of people
keep lookin' at me and smilin' or laughin', and it's really
weird. I had a weird dream about David. He kept walking
around all sad, and I asked him what was wrong, and he
looked at me, and started to say something, then I woke
up. Weird huh? I wonder if it meant something.
Hmmmm...... I'm like this big dream and magic kinda person,
I believe in all that stuff. I have dreams that like
always come true. I really wonder if that dream meant
something.......... now it's freakin' me out, that is the
dream with David. Ok, well, I hope David like never ever
comes to this website, because that would be bad. I am
like really hyper this entry, so don't mind if I'm acting
weird. = )
gtg now!

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