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2001-10-23 20:06:57 (UTC)

*october 23 - ....tuesday*

today was umm...tuesday. nothing special, the same old
boring classes all day, we had gym too...outside. so my new
shoes were muddy and gross when i got inside. who cares
about stupid, ugly football anyway? i should have gone to
the nurse and faked sick again. or something.

i cant stop thinking about kyle..i think this whole thing
with dannys gotten me paranoid. subconsiously, at least. i
cant stop wondering if kyle even really likes me..but he
asked me out, right? so why should i worry so much? because
hes moving. and if all he wants to do on our first date is
make out, then.. is that all he wants period?

i just wish i could talk to kyle f2f more, its so hard to
fully understand somebody when its just an im, or phone
call for that matter.

but i love kyle...dont get me wrong. and i couldnt be more
excited about friday. thats probably why im overanalysing
everything, what else is there to do when me seeing him for
real is so far away?

well im gonna go, i think that is enough obsessing for one
day :P