Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
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2001-10-23 19:48:35 (UTC)

Even the people who never frown eventually break down

The sacrifice of hiding in a lie
(Everything has to end, you'll soon find we're out of time
left to watch it all unwind)
The sacrifice is never knowing

Why I never walked away
Why I played myself this way
Now I see your testing me pushes me away

Linkin Park doesnt suck.

My head hurts. And its hard to be something your not. 'im
sick of playing the part of the fool, week after week...'

ROTC got hard. I dont knwo when, i dont know how. But it
did. Int is supposed to get easier as you go up the
line... at least Im not Kevin, the company commander. He
gets it for EVERYTHING, though i get it as much as he
does... hes responsible. Responsibility blows.

Well, all, I gatta go. Yas knows who i love.

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