A Fragment of Purusha
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2001-10-23 19:47:02 (UTC)

Four of Wands, Reversed

Intriguing day so far. Skipped work, just because. Working
at a computer lab is supremely boring, even if you are the
manager. I got enough brownie points with my boss anyway
that I can get away with it.

Tried making Indian Pudding, but it takes quite a while to
cook, should be good though. Baking soothes the mind and
soul. Alchemy at its tastiest.

Midterm today in Psychology and Religion. I think I did
fairly well, though I'm starting to get sick of pyschology.
All this talk of how to interpret religion is boring me.
I'd rather be in an Eastern religion course again.

Speaking of which, gotta register for courses soon and
appease the beast known as Truman with their pre-enrollment
fee. I hope I get my credit card back soon, lost it before
and had to get a new one.

Last night I rambled on with some friends about different
philosophical topics, but I can't remember much of it now.
I just recall acting like a cynic about women. Just part of
prior programming that I'm trying to rip out.

I may post later if something else interesting happens.