Zone of Misfortune
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2001-10-23 19:14:22 (UTC)

Returned, I HAVE

Yeah, so, i haven't been on the computer at
there's lots to talk about. Took PSATs on saturday...they
were easy as hell, at least the math, but i'm expecting
good scores. Um...then i just watched some movies which
included but were not limited to MVP, HairyMcGroindiaper,
Wavelength and others...that was about it.

Sunday=work, which sucked ass cause nobody works there
anymore. It's just new people that i don't feel like
dealing with.

Um...monday...Went to open mic night to recapture the magic
of previous encounters, since the last time was shit, but
this time was bascitly worse...too many people, and my
pickup didn't work so i didn't even play.

Besides that, lost a cool friendship over the last two
weeks or so, the entire lauren thing is basicly she won't
talk to me and i don't really feel like talking to
least for now. And, band needs frontman cause we're
actually pulling something together now...could be cool if
it ever get's started.

MMMHHHMMMHHH, just got word that one of my closer friends
finally confessed his feelings for this girl that he's been
flirting with for like 3 that works out...

besides that, weekend sucked, i'm still in that gay, i'm an
ugly loser state of mind, which is really unhealthy and
makes me an un-fun person to be with, but hopefull that'll
blow over.

Current STATUS: Kinda Depressed