Penny for my Thoughts
2001-03-12 23:55:58 (UTC)

...and so it goes on...never a..

...and so it goes on...never a purpose so winding and full
of big days. I can't help but imaging how my life would be
without the minor infatuations I have with living. "Time is
so of the essence"
Big smiles that seem to stretch from ear to ear have me by
the heart. I need to savor these times and comfortably
place them in the palms of you hands. Do you think that you
can figure me out?
I change that face of time so often, I forget where it was
I left off. I don't feel the need to spill rose pink moans
in my sleep to feel loved and most of all, desired. Dancing
among the tops of trees and loving the days that are long
and smell if blooming pansies. Cheap lover that you score
at the bottom of the steady barrel. What more could you not

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