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2001-10-23 17:52:21 (UTC)

Another Day of Missing Him!

Dear Diary:
Just another day of missing him and counting down the days before we see each other again.
Robert wants me to call me all the time just to hear my voice and all. It is expensive and long distance is expensive. Money does not grow on trees and I told him MSN messenger and e-mail will have to suffice.

I hope and pray he never asks me to marry him.
I mean he needs to become a Catholic first, and
then ask me. Someone is going to end up hurt.

I can not give him the child he craves. I am getting to old for it. My child bearing days are over with and Iwish I had met him before I met
Harold Covington and even Roy Mock. All accept
they are the father of my two children whom I love dearly.

Rocky, why did you die on me.None of this would
have happened to me, if you had lived. My heart
is playing tug a war and I am torn between two
lovers and feeling like a fool.
I love them both and to my ownself I must be true
and I do not want to hurt either of them nor be hurt again.

Oh, heart of hearts lead me and guide me.
Help me someone!
Karissa Anne