Alice In Oz

Home? Where exactly is home?
2001-10-23 17:15:27 (UTC)

Ok, so I procrastinate!

I just left class, and I should be doing my major profect
right now... but hey! so I was talking to my friend,
AMber, in class today, and she totally spazzed on me for
doing E again this weekend....So what?! If I enjoy it,
it's my business!! I looked up a bunch of sites on the net
about E and sorry, but it's not as bad as most ppl think it
is! That crap about it taking your seratonin out of the
brain, well, they only tested that on animals (which I find
completely cruel, may I add!) and not on humans... but
either way, it makes me feel good! It makes me more social
and it helps destress me....

I'll eventually quit.............maybe


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