2001-10-23 17:12:54 (UTC)

My first day.

Everyone has been going on how great these online diarys
are. What's so good about them? I'll give it a go anyway,
it might make my popularity rate go up by 1 (doubt it
though!) I guess it saves ink and paper, but uses
electricity... Who gives a damn? I've still got flu, that's
three damn days now. I had a really crap day again. It's
raining, i got flu, sore back, I'm hungry, I got an itchy
back, I'm bored... SIGH!

I wanna go to the bowling alley with Kane and Stu, but they
wont come. And it's raining. My msn friend eleanor is kinda
upset, I feel kinda bad for her. I go on to much about
stuff. I'm listening to 'rape me' by Nirvana. Great song,
great lyrics, great instrument playing... R.I.P Kurt.

I've been in bed all day. Stu and Kane called for me, but
they were going to the pictures. I couldn't go cuz I had no
money, I was looking after my brother, I had fly, it was
raining heavy, I needed a shower, I was eating... blah blah
blah blah blah.

I need a shave. I'm only 14. When I was small, I thought
you had to be over 20 to shave. Haha. I was so fucked in
the head. I still am. I'm talking to myself, well, writing.
I need help, I'm so strange. I need the toilet right now,
but it's too far away. I thought I was gonna die today :o(
I coughed really hard, and threw up everywhere. I couldn't
breathe for like, a minute.

I'm going back to bed. I feel really sick.

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