Jake Harley

My Life's Worth
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2001-10-23 16:46:16 (UTC)

Word depository

I just want to write down some words that came into my head
so I don't forget.

I handed you my heart and you handed it right back to me
I'm not intrested in feeling this, more than a little sick
from this whole thing.
I'll never let you set your eyes on it again
I won't let you knock me down, cut through my back to get
your hands on this again.

Something else:

You said "Jake, why is your face so hard to read?"
Well your breath is like the wind, its pushing on me
from all around, it knocks me down
And the weeds grow up over my eyes and fill my mouth

And I lie helpless in the grass, the skyline's calling me
I want to reach up to my chest and pull it open so you can
That my heart still beats fastly, when you're around


The moon sits like a hook in the darkened sky,
where it drops to find a home in my side.
When I breath the stars sear my lungs, and their light
it burns a hole through me tonight.

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