My Life
2001-10-23 16:30:27 (UTC)

Letting God Take Care of Me

I've been going to this Alpha class,although it is non-denominational. And it's really
been great and making me think. Last week we discussed the
God signs, how do we know God is there and it made me
realize that he is there, but sometimes I don't hear him,
or I don't recognize him. It also made me think that I am
going to let go and let God take care of me.
Work has really been getting to me, and so has this dating
thing. But I've tried to say in the last couple days that I
am going to let God take care of the situation and lead me
in the right direction. And I feel a sense of peace with

I'm always hoping that Lynn the farmer/CPA will still be
interested or want to see me, that he may want a future with
me, but the truth is, if not, then that's how it is and that
isn't what I want, I want to be with someone who SEES me.
Who appreciates me.

Terry is my new friend, who I've only talked to on the phone
and computer and he's just so sweet, could he be the one? We
may meet soon, actually, I've been afraid to meet him
because I really like talking to him on the phone and i
don't want it to stop. If we meet in person, maybe he won't
want to continue or maybe me. But i'm working on my
confidence and there again, I need to let go and not
control everything. Terry is a wonderful man, I really like
his heart. He seems so sweet and dear. And he likes me as a
person. He cares when I don't feel well, or i'm upset. WE
can talk about things. I like that. So the next step is
meeting in person and seeing if we want to continue the
relationship on another level. Scary thing. The rejection
sometimes gets to me.

I have to work on myself and what makes me happy and what i
want in life. And I need to work on really taking care of
myself, as far as my health, what I eat, when i exercise,

I've been relying more on God and trying to pray more and
it's helping.
That's all for now.