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2001-10-23 15:28:03 (UTC)

I'm changing my clothes!

Yeah I guess I'm changing my clothes... My parents don't
want me hanging around with Amanda anymore I don't know
why. They think that she's crazy. Well back to the changing
my clothes thing.. My parents don't like the kids I hang
around with... I don't know why they don't think that
they'ere nice I guess. They say that I've changed and that
I'm different then what I used to be which is a bad thing.
They say that I I'm not as responsible as I used to be, I
don't see that. I don't know. I'm gonna try to be more like
I used to be I guess.
Onto another topic, My dad got evicted from his house
so where is he living now? In my mom and my apartment and
there is like no room. There is barely any room for me and
mom but now my dad and my brother are living there, my
brother doesn't really bother me, But my dad we don't get
along too well and him and my mom fight all the time, she
has friends that she talks to, male friends and my dad is a
very jelous person and she won't be able to do a lot of the
stuff she used to. And one mayjor thing is that I think
that my dad's gonna mistake mom's generosity as her wanting
to get back together and I think that he's gonna take a
long time getting an apartment and try to say that my mom
want's to get back together.. I just don't want things to
be like they were before, we were pretty much away from
that... I don't want to go back to that.

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