aris' thoughts
2001-10-23 15:27:10 (UTC)


no main topic or anything really to talk about today. i
didnt sleep all that well last night. i layed in bed
thinking a while of sissy forever and her ways and how i
disagree with alot she does and says but oh well not my
place to speak about others. spent a couple of hours with
my Mistress this morning, was nice waking up to
Her..smiles. She is resting now and i have a feeling Her
rest is being filled with dreams. there is alot going on in
Mistress life and i try my best to be what She needs Her
pet to be, i listen and remember to ask before i voice my
own opinions or concernes. most importantly i try to just
be there for Her when She chooses to need me. smiles.
well , not much to say really, the kids are great, bob is
fine, i am fantastic, Mistress is well, MIL is still pain
in ass so i guess she ok, ohhhhhh and the Devils play
tonight, will pray for them ok well a
big change in my day, was sitting at domain and this sis
comes in never seen her before, name Sir Mustangs pet well
she says to me, i need someone to talk to which threw me
off and curious i said sure whats wrong. well, omg her 13
yer old daughter just lost her virginity toa 17 year old
boy and they not sure if she pg or diseased how awful. god
i feel so bad for her. well we talked a bit and then she
said silly question for you, how do you get names on avs.
sooooo i took her to see Sir cause He was at paintshop,
well was something to write about anyways, i am in obs at
the paintshiop now and think i will go pee before Mistress