American Princess

Chaos in Our Every Day Lives
2001-10-23 14:29:42 (UTC)

Well, quite a bit has happened..

Well, quite a bit has happened since I last wrote...I kinda
forgot about this diary thing! Ooops...well, Scott (my ex)
came by my work the other day...with a dozen red roses!!!! I
was, needless to say, SHOCKED! Yeah so he's sorry and all
that jazz. Hopefully this time he's realized that standing
people up is WRONG. Anyways...I went home last weekend and
that was good. I needed to be home again...I missed it. I
went to my old high school's football game and I ran into a
friend I haven't seen since I graduated so that was really
good to see him. I enjoyed being home, but it was too
short! I found out that I still do not like the 8 hour ride
from school to home, but oh well...not much I can do about
that. I've been thinking about mine and Jason's relationship
a lot and seeing him one weekend a month (if we're lucky)
just didn't do it for yeah, we broke up. I'm not
sure how he's dealing...he said he couldn't be mad at me
cause he completely understood where I was coming from. I
dunno...I mean, even though I know it was the right thing to
do and it was just too hard the other 28 days of the month,
I still cried my eyes out afterwards. My friend told me it's
because I will miss him, which is true, but it's kinda
silly...I never saw him anyways! He is a wonderul person
though, so maybe that's what I'll miss.