friends and lovers
2001-10-23 13:03:20 (UTC)


Well things have changed over the past 2.5 months we have
been spending time together, you have taken me to the lake
every sunday as a ritual and driving me to unkown places of
adventure i get to spend 2 weeks with you while warren is
out and then we spend a whole week apart you and warren
have had a few differences so when he comes home to me you
spend the week alone, you guys need to work it out for my
sake.the children have been away on 3 weeks holidays and we
have spent the time together. i had a distrubing dream the
other night i dreamt that you were leaving and going away
from me to work and live it felt so real that i woke up
bawling my eyes out. it was like the first time you left
and went out of my life it took you 5 years to return to me.
you visited me the other day and the news you bought to me
was that you were leaving going to work out of town damn
but that's not so bad you will be working 2 weeks and
returning for 1 week. here's the craziest part you will be
working with warren, you said that you would not talk but i
just know tht your friendship is far to old to not get
along and now warren tells me that you guys are directly
across from each other, and you guys are finally talking to
each other, i am so glad, jsut like old times...
so warren will be home tomorrow and you will still be out
the day i take warren to catch the bus i will pick you up
for your week home with me.you guys have worked it out for
me between the two of use and made it just right for
me.it's so wonderful having two special men in my life
taking care of me and sharing me i feel so special