Evil Elvis
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2001-10-23 12:23:31 (UTC)

Fear, emptiness, despair...

Isn't it weird how "that sinking feeling" can just sneak up
on you?? Like you think you're having an ok day, nothing's
actually wrong yet suddenly there's a feeling like the
weight of the world is on your shoulders and you have no
idea why?

Thought provoking stuff....I hate that phrase...thoughts
shouldn't have to be provoked, they should flow
naturally...that's the problem with too many internet based
pseudo-intellects tho...it's very easy to make yourself
sound intelligent...it's another thing entirely to come
across as sincere and genuine.

I am truly blessed with some great friendships from the
internet, some I've met, many I never will.

Bleh, I'm just typing for the sake of typing now...

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