2001-10-23 11:57:27 (UTC)

Taking Care of Business

John had a shock yesterday when he opened up the bank
statement from the checking account and found almost $300
deducted from checks neither one of us wrote. There were two
checks enclosed both on the account of a man in Junction
City, made out to Safeway on the same date and signed
by a woman who didn't appear on the account. Someone had
crossed out his account number and put ours in and the bank
had accepted this. I couldn't believe it! We made copies of
everything and then I drove down to the bank to find out
what was going on. I am the official taking care of
bureaucrats person in the family. I have experience in this
after years of dealing with school officials. I don't really
care why Safeway took checks signed by someone not on the
account but I certainly did care that my bank had decided to
take the money out of OUR account!

The bank manager was confused as I was but said that she
knew the customer and didn't believe it was she who had
changed the numbers on the check. That left the bank
itself. She apologized profusely many times and said that
the money would immediately be credited back to our account.
She was on the phone trying to figure out what had happened
before I left.

I asked for a list of any recent activity on our account
after the statement so that I could check it against our
records. John told me later that everything looked fine.
He reminded me this is why it is important to always check
your statement immediately and why he wanted an account
where they returned the canceled checks.

While I was in Junction City I decided to go grocery
shopping The little market here in town is fine
but they don't have very much variety or choice in
their produce and their prices for some of the
things I needed--like creamer for John's coffee--are much
higher. On the other hand, their meat is cheaper and of
better quality and the price of milk is about the same so
that works. It was pouring rain on the way back and for
some reason there was a great deal more traffic than I'd
expected but I did get home in plenty of time to finish
making dinner before John had to leave for work.
I finished the Leap! Quilt and I'm glad I quilted it
densely; it really looks good. It still needs to be
bound. So do two other quilts I've finished--a pink
four-patch and a scrap bowtie. Both of the latter quilts
are full size. The tops were made by John's great aunt
Clara in the 1930s and I quilted them over the summer.
There's a saying that "A quilt isn't a quilt until it's
quilted" but it should really be "A quilt isn't a quilt
until it's bound". It can't be used until it's really
finished. I hope to bind all three quilts some time this
week. and get the Millenium Garden in the frame as well.
I've also taken out the folk art Angel sampler quilt I began
in 1999. I've completed many of the blocks. Now it's time
to add some filler blocks, make a few more and put it all

I've signed up for another BOM. This one is Old Glory from
Blackbird Design's Summer Spirit book. Don't ask why I
signed up for another BOM when I haven't completed either of
the ones I've got going now. And I'm not even going to
mention the quilt kits and quilt tops I still haven't
Spice has been much more interested in being inside than out
now that the weather has turned. She knows where all the
quiet and warm spots are in the house as well and when the
boys are in school has her choice of beds to sleep in.
I read in today's newspaper that the weather forecaster
says we are now in our rainy season. This means we are
unlikely to have a long spell of nice weather in between the
showery days and can expect rain now until oh, March, or so.
Yuck! Oh well, I don't think we can afford another
dry year like last year which caused the electric rates to
rise so much. It was nice while we had it though. The five
day forecast did indicate that Friday will have the best
weather this week. It's the only day which says "some sun"
while all the others say "rain" or "showers" so Friday is
the day we'll try to finish up the yard work. If it's dry
enough I'll even see if I can get Gavin to mow the lawn as
there's no school on Friday.