The little one
2001-03-12 22:14:32 (UTC)

There is sooo much on my mind..

There is sooo much on my mind right now. things i dont even
know what i am thinking . why does life have to be soo
complicated? why cant things be easy? why cant things be
simple? i just wish that once, things would be easy enough
for me to get through. why did God have to make life so
tough?? what did i ever do to him? haha i dont think he
should answer that. but anyways i guess i ahave decided to
start my own online diary to help me out a little bit on
getting my feelings out...see, i am NOT a talker. i am a
writer. i dont tell anyone anything. no one knows anything
about me and no one ever will. to be honest i dont want
anyone to know all about me, because that is why i am
different and that is why i am unique. no one has to know
SHIT about me and they can still tell that i am a sweet
innocent girl. so hey, i guess it is all good...right?? but
anyways i suppose that i will just wait it out and see how
everything turns out. after all that is what i normally do.
So i will sit here until i figure out what i am actaully
suppose to be doing with my life...and until than i will
just write!!

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