What are you, some kind of Adrien?
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2001-10-23 11:24:34 (UTC)

*light bulb flicks on*

I've got an idea. But I can't tell anyone...except a few,
ie: Kerri and Heather. They're the only ones that read this
anyways. But yesh, ask and you shall recieve.

I thought I had a virus for a while there yesterday,
however, it hasn't done anything except not delete. And my
anti-virus thing says it's no threat. Hopefully it won't do
anything, and I'll get rid of it soon.

He likes someone else. Game over, I lose, thanks for
participating, don't step on the pieces of my broken heart
on your way out, shut the door behind you. Stupid Taylor.
He got her too. She's got a stupid name. Grrr...she's
probably the nicest person in the world, which makes me
feel even worse about it all. But, surprisingly, I don't
feel *that* bad. It's just like, I woke up from a long
sleep and I'm remembering my dream, or, I got tired of the
story I was reading, so I closed the book. Moving on to
Plan B. Plan B is also known as Top Secret Plan B, so the
details cannot be revealed in this diary, for fear of a spy
intercepting them.

I'm home sick...again. Yay for sickness. Boo on sickness. I
like the staying home part, I don't like the being sick
part. I feel horrible, because me and Glenda were supposed
to do our mime thing yesterday, and/or today, and I'm not
there. I hope we don't get in trouble or anything. And I
missed out on having lunch with Kayla and Rob. Rob's not
too mad, at least he got to spend some time alone with her.
He really likes her. It's so cute.

I have one tissue left. Oh's a disaster!! Must go
get some more. Can't wallow in my sickness without tissues!

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