Karen & Austin~edd=11-15-01
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2001-10-23 10:58:27 (UTC)

This kid needs to be born already!

My doctor told me I could safely deliver Austin as soon as
the next 2-4 weeks.Austin's over 6 pounds now and is due in
about 3 weeks.I never wanted to bring pain on myself so bad
as the pain of labor.I know my labor is sure to be long and
hurt a lot.I have this immage of how tiny my stomach must be
for Austin right now.Thats why I feel so uncomfortable all
the time.I cant sleep without waking up to pee or to shift
my positions for him.I can sometimes see a form of his foot
or his hand through my skin about 2 inches through without
it hurting.I keep getting this tightening when I go to the
bathroom so I have some small hope my water will break
soon.It feels so diffrent to be sitting on the sofa and feel
thuds on my thighs since my lower stomach now covers them
when Im sitting down.
I took the time to print all 8 pages from my favorite site on "Stages of labor".I want to plan out
what will happen to me,what medication options I have and
some other stuff I didnt learn yet.Im somewhat afraid of
labor.I still refuse to watch videos on how to breathe
special or take classes to watch other people go through
something that happens diffrently for everyone.I know I can
do this and I dont really have a choice on the matter.I want
to try to be prepaired.
My mother and all my friends with kids say that the pain of
labor is forgetable.I dont want to forget a second.If I were
having a girl Id concider recording it but I dont want just
anyone looking at that part of me.So Ive decided that Im
going to try to keep a log.My sister says it will be good to
occupie me for atleast the first stage of labor and maybe a
little part of the second.She didnt have much sucess with
the cross-word puzzles,lol.Well Im going to start cooking
some breakfast.I still want my doughnut and yoohoo.Its 7:00
so catch you all later.