I am a goddess
2001-10-23 10:39:15 (UTC)


Well i ate like a pig yesterday and i didnt put on any
weight!!!! How great. Its not going to be a habit thugh.
Cos i will go back to the weight i was and i dont want
that. I looked in the mirror the other day and you can
really tell that i have lost a hell of a lot of weight of
my face. I've got a new diet its better. I can eat anything
i want as l;ong as i dont go over 1000 calories a day. So
far today i have had an ice lolly which is roughly 20
calories and it is 20 to 12 also. I think thats really
good.I think this diet is going to be easier t follow than
any other as i actually am eating correctly. Also i can do
that without feeling really bloated as i have now proven
that i can go a whole day without being sick. I didnt have
a ny dinner though because i had eaten to much throughout
the day but hey we cant ask for miracles straight away/