Karen & Austin~edd=11-15-01
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2001-10-23 10:29:35 (UTC)

Well Im 1/2 done with him?

I know I said I was done with my bf and all but I needed a
break from the kids so bad.The computer at my sisters house
broke down and at a time of distress I'll talk to whomever
is avalable.I asked him if I could crash at his house for
the weekend and he said sure.His house has no kids,and no
clogged up toilets.Did I mention that theres no kids there?I
love that part.
I didnt really want to do "it" that night but I made myself
because I know he'd stop if I asked him to.At first I was
freaked out about it.I get creeped out about breasts ever
since I read up on Freuid's theory of breast feeding.After a
while the couch wasnt as comfey but I let him finish up to
be courtious to him.Sunday I woke up alone but I really
wasnt that pissed off.He was in the basement checking his
e-mail.I told him I wanted to get a strawberry Yoohoo and
maybe a doughnut.He said he wanted to go to breakfast at
IHOP.I didnt care as long as we ate.So this is when the crap
Randy called convinently while we were on our way to IHOP
wanting us to get chinese food with him.My bf invited him
with us even though I clearly tell him I detest Randy.I had
to almost jog behind them to the IHOP but I kept my happy
face.I even kept a happy face on when I told my bf to sit
with him because there wasnt enough room beside me.I wasnt
about to crunch him up agenst his suspectedly gay friend.So
when we sat down Randy starts talking about this awful woman
at work who"Tried to bust his balls with her authority"my bf
agreed and talked about a woman at work who bothered him.So
they sat there jiveing on women forever.When we were
leaveing my bf asked me if I wanted to go with him and Randy
pick out paint for the baby's room and head to the mall
afterwards.I didnt want to be plagued by Randy until
midnight so I said "No,can you take me home?"Who did he
think he was to plan our whole day with this yuckey guy?
When we got in the parking lot the shit hit the fan
thick.My bf asked me why I seem to avoid picking out paint
for the baby's room all the time.How could he bring up our
two most presonal problems at once infront of his friend?I
still tried to keep my cool with little success.I told him
how it was his house and the baby wouldnt be there so he
should pick out his own paint and hang out with his friend
after he took me home.Then I sort of indirectly demanded
that Randy leave so my bf would take me home.I wanted out of
that spot at the moment.
When we got to the car he said he was sorry for upsetting
me.Another words he was sorry he looked weak infront of his
manly buddy.I told him about how mean it was for him to put
out our business.He talked about Randy being a nice guy you
just have to get used to.I told him I wasnt jelous of him
hanging out with his friends but our time is ours.We only
see each other about once a month so the other 3 weekends is
when he should see his friends that I dont care for.Then
after a while I disregarded it all as hormone changes and
stress.I told him that maybe we could all hang out after the
baby is born.
I hope he doesnt have some strange idea that he can try to
get custody.I know he's still thinking about how on earth to
get out of child support.I dont want his money but I cant
expect my parents to buy diapers until find a job.I want to
get back to working as soon as I can.I cant pay for daycare
or babysitting on a new salery at first but after a while I
will manage.You know,if I could depend on him to help me out
a little I wouldnt have to think about fileing for support
to help with his son.

Ah,the first time I stood up to frank.He was so intimidateing but
now its do it the way I want it done or move out of my way.Frank
doesnt even call us anymore.He saw austin in august and not even a
call from him since.I called his work about 3 times since then cause
I wanted to say hi and stuff.I try to make things seem like were
friends like my buds online I talk to on the phone.He seems confused
of what to say.I hope he works out his medical stuff.I filed for
child support in April,starting in May.He payed may on June
2nd,missed the full month of june,July after the 4th,august
2nd,september 4th,and october 2nd.He's getting better.The check is 508
$ due the 3rd of each month.