the wanderer

doo-hickey nonsense
2001-10-23 09:20:25 (UTC)

...beginning of the end...

Tomorrow (or later today rather)I'm supposed to go to the
doctor's to re-evaluate my being on my medication (Effexor,
anti-depressant, for around 4 years). I'm the one who thinks
I don't need it and never have, but I agreed to go on it
just to please my family. I just now decided to do something
about it (I'm a huge procrastinater), and also, I'm gonna
have to start paying my own medical soon. I most likely
won't go tomorrow, because I shouldn't leave my grandma home
alone for a while.

Early Sunday morning (around 3:00 a.m.), I heard a huge
THUD, and I checked my mom's room, and my brother's room (he
had been drinking earlier so I figured he'd fallen off his
bed), and both said it didn't come from their rooms. My mom
said to go check my grandma's room, so I went in there and
her bathroom light was on, and it's door was open, so I
cautiously went towards the doorway, peeked inside and while
she was currently sitting on the toilet, I asked if she was
o.k., and as she was falling face first to the floor she
proclaimed in a worried voice, "no". So, by this time,
panick definitely kicked in. Immediately I ran to my mom's
room and urgently woke her and explained in the shortest way
possible what had happened, and while she headed to where my
grandma was, she had me call "911", something I hadn't done
in many of years.

So, after having to be brought to the nearest hospital in
an ambulance, and after getting results back there hours
later, it all seemed to be a "reaction" to some medication
(there's the magic word again) she'd been prescribed to
relieve her of her current flu/virus. I personally think
there's more to it, since she still seems as weak as she did
that night, and I'm afraid she'll pass out again. I'm
telling you, this last month and 1/2 to 2 months have been a
non-stop nightmare. Just within the last week, both of my
only remaining grandparents had to be hospitalized, with my
grandpa's case being life-threatening.

There's many cliches like it, but the one that always
comes to mind is "we deal with the cards we are dealt", or
something along those lines. Well...I'm sick of playin'