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My life story of being a manwhore
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2001-10-23 08:13:58 (UTC)

life stinks....

yeah well as you can read.. life stinks... yup. i just wish
i could make up my mind, and in this state of confuzzlement
ive hurt too many people i care about.. mainly Jeremy, but
he'll never forgive me.. well ive found him once after
losing him hopefully i can find him again.. ugh.. why cant
my heart make up its mind?!?!?! im tired of hurting people
and im tired of hurting myself.... i just wish things were
back to the way they use to be........... *sigh* oh well,
they wont so i just gotta bite my lip and bare through
it... again. well Jeremy if you read this (which i know you
probably wont since you now hate me) im sorry.. cant you
just get over your greed and jealousy and keep our
friendship alive??? i guess not.. well ta ta Jeremy i hope
you're happy with your choice and blessed in your
future...... *sigh* once again... life is confusing and
mean. i'll live.
i hate saying goodbye to friends that i actually truely do
care about, when they make stupid choices like that it just
pisses me off and upsets me. but hell, its what they
obviously want and thats all that matters to them, they're
so blinded by their anger/jealousy/greed/sadness that they
dont notice their hurting anyone and if they do notice it,
its only because they want to hurt you and bring them down
to their level... childish if you ask me. but its human
i never thought my last entry would drive someone to doing
such a ridiculous thing i hope he knows how hurt i am. i
never thought he would do such a petty thing like that, my
thoughts on him have changed... hes still a great guy just
not as great as i once thought he was. once again im
blinded by love... yes jeremy, i said it LOVE.. oh well...
you always knew if you said it i wouldve dropped Justin in
a heartbeat to be with you.. but you never said it..
directly that is. oh well... my life will go on... sadly
you wont be in it in.... well this is goodbye..... you will
be missed not like you really care though