A goth's adventures in New Orleans
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2001-10-23 08:13:03 (UTC)

Will it ever stop?

It was a great day. I bought some new cds, had a great day
at work..... Felt better than I have in years....

So I get home and there's a note from T, explaining why
he's moving out. Yep, packed up and already gone. Coward
didn't even have the guts to tell me in person. He waited
till he knew I was at work and packed up and left. This is
what I get for being nice to people. I took him in when he
didn't have a place to live, let him eat my food, bla, bla,
bla. Yes, I knew him before I let him move in, he's a
Rocky member also.

Acording to the note, he can't bare living with me
anymore. Is it so much to ask that he has rent and bills
paid? Is it so much to ask that he cleans up after
himself? He didn't even clean up his mess in the process
of moving out.

It's not like this was unexpected. He's been spending more
and more time up on the Northshore. This just makes life a
bit difficult until I find a new roomate.

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