Evil Twin

Must i have some cute or catchy name for
2001-10-23 05:39:17 (UTC)

I guess it is like the old joke..

I guess it is like the old joke goes.

"What do you tell a woman with two black eyes?

Nothing, you have already told her twice."

No, that was not meant to be funny. In this case it was
meant to be anything but funny. I am doing what i do best
here and assuming the worst. I got dumped...again. The
worst part about it is that i garan-fucking-tee that she
went back to Brad. Yep-lovable, huggable Brad. You know,
the one that cheated on her so many times? The one that
gave her shit about her friend being a convicted murderer?
The one that treated her like shit for so long? (Ok, what
do you tell a woman with THREE black eyes?)

And because of these things she could never go back to him.


I already have told her once that something like this would
happen. As usual my advice was not heeded and look what
happened. What am i gonna tell her this time? Or am i even
going to worry about it?

She is too hung up on Brad to do anything else, and she is
going to be in this same situation until she finally
realizes that it won't stop.

It is like i told her the first time, "People don't change;
they just tell you what they want you to hear."

Why is that? Why is it that women seem to enjoy being in
abusive relationships? Is it some false sense of security?
Do they see it as the guy's way of showing they really
care? Horseshit. "Ya know, honey, i care about you so much
that i think i'll do everything i can to hurt you." That's
fucking retarded.

And why is that the nice guys always end up alone?