lost in the dark
2001-10-23 05:21:18 (UTC)

Been awhile...

Hello Entry. I was reminded that I have not written to you
in awhile from sister. (Gawd Love that woman*hugs*)
Today was an experince. The mantalitity(sp)of people
really surprise me something. I went to a Intel show and
being that it was given free to people to go and check out
and get the latest scoups on what is happening with the
world of computers. It was a good show and learned alot
about what is happening in the computer field for the next
12 months. But, that is not the important thing that I
learned. Can always learn that stuff on the net.
It was the people that were there that I learned
something. Every hear, "Never look a gift horse in the
mouth, because it just might bit". Well I don't think that
alot of people have learned that lesson yet. When I was not
listening to what was being talked about, I was listening
to what people had to say. And do you know that this people
were complaining that the prizes that Intel was giving out
was nothing near to what they wanted to get as prizes. Man,
Don't these people understand that Intel does not even have
to give anything out. I heard people complaining about the
food that they were giving. And again they did not have to
pay for this. I was happier then a "Pig in shit", when my
number was drawn for a T-Shirt. I even heard one person say
that all he received was a Celaron 800. Well, holy shit, if
they felt that bad about winning a CPU they could have
given it to me. I am not too sure what these people
expected to get for free. You go to these shows to learn
something. That is what it is intended to be, a learning
tool. Not, something for freeloaders. I would have liked
for one of the Rep's from the show to hear what these
people were saying, and take down there names and say that
they are not welcome to their shows again. That would make
me very happy to hear. At least one less person that is
going to be bitching about something that they did not
expect to give.
If you were given something Entry would you complain about
it ? Even though it was not what you expected to get. I
hope not. I know that we have a right to complain about
something that you pay for, but if it is free then Y
complain about it ? I see no sence in it.
Then there is the other way as well, Y is it that people
expect something in return for a good deed that they do.
Can't they settle for a thank you. I know at one point in
time in the time line of man, there had to have been a
change where people started to expect something for
everything that is done. Ok, I know there are limits to
what one can do for just a thank you. But, to expect
something back even for the littlest of things really gets
under my skin.

Humanity ?

Is the question that I fall asleep with tonight...

Lost in the Dark...

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